Friday, 17 April 2015

First Reality XVIII

I had the pleasure of becoming involved in a 'stone soup' indie project, a JRPG parody First Reality by Brendan Bulfin

By the time I was introduced to the friend of a friend making this game, he had the basic story established as well as game play and exploration system established. I was summoned to lend a hand in an OTT ending credits song that our friend-in-common was secretly working on.

Since then I had a the pleasure of offering some electronic music to the project, and also editing the game's Sound Effects.

The game itself is a cornucopia of varying qualities, parody and humour. The backgrounds are drawn on paper with crayon/colouring pencil and the characters are fashioned out of, I presume, Microsoft Paint or Flash or something.

The Soundtrack is a mixture of pieces for various artists, Most of who were present during the creation and completion of the large scale end credits song.

The storyline is one of lowliness, alcoholism, and a life crumbling down around a middle aged man (Norman) who's just returned from war. The NPC's are blunt and nasty, and the various quests are fashioned as a series of doom laden and thankless resquests from 'the Duke' which Norman drinks and defibrillates his way through.

Like all the greatest RPGs, as the bittersweet conclusion to the game sets, your emotional connection to Norman matches that of all the great RPG characters of the past.

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