Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Game Audio Network Guild held a grand Student/Apprentice contest.

Compose an original 1 minute (60 second) loopable (i.e. seamless loop) musical piece for a new game. The game is called 'Hillbilly Robot Mafia" where hillbillies have converted their farms to robot factories!! It's a player versus player RTS, and as players overtake other hillbilly robot factories across the countryside, they wield greater influence over the local authorities on their way to COUNTY DOMINATION!This music will be used for the Player vs Player battle! The artwork is cartoony, and similar to art styles found on Cartoon Network (Regular Show, Adventure Time etc). That is your spec...GO!

this was my entry

It did not win, but the winning one is the one I would've chosen too. 

Onward and upwards. 

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